The Au Pair’s arrival is close! You probably have the bedroom ready and the kids are excited to meet the new family member. Now you only need “a little something” to start the stay with nice details. After all, it is always nice to express how glad you are and thank her for joining your family. But what could you give your guest to celebrate the occasion? We have some good ideas for host families!

Present for the Au Pair: Ideas

The present for the Au Pair does NOT need to be expensive or luxurious. Rather, choose something from the heart and think of gifts that the Au Pair would like to take back home or that might be useful during the stay. Some ideas are:

– A travel guide

This will be very helpful for Au Pairs who what to discover the country and love to spend their free time traveling. Of course,  the book needs to be written in a language the Au Pair understands.

– Photography Book

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. A book with beautiful photographies of the Host Country will be a great souvenir and a nice way to remember the stay.

– Travel Kit

Once again a great idea for all the adventurous, traveler Au Pairs.You can even make your own travel kit for the Au Pair to give it a personal touch. Some items to include in the kit are passport holder, airplane size utilities, a small pillow and eye mask.

– Local candy

A small basket full of the best of local candy is the way to start a sweet stay.

– A gift card to city events

Motivate your Au Pair to discover and enjoy the city! If she is interested in cultural events such as theater and even concerts, the card is a great idea!

Please try to avoid giving children board games to your Au Pair. This will certainly be great for your kids but might not be as great for your Au Pair as the other options. In addition, this is something that she will probably not be able to take back home.

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