The Au Pair program is the best option for those families looking for a childcare solution with an international approach. After creating a profile on an online platform like, families will have a lot of options to choose from. While browsing through the profiles, they will, of course, be looking for the perfect candidate who matches their family in the best possible way. But is there really such thing as the “perfect Au Pair”? Let’s talk about it.

First of all, families need to take into consideration that Au Pairs are not professional nannies, teachers or caregivers.  In general, they are young men and women willing to travel abroad and discover a new culture. Although they should have experience in childcare, families should no expect an expert. In addition, families need to keep in mind that the Au Pair will need time to

In addition, families need to keep in mind that the Au Pair will need time to learn the local language and adapt to the new culture. Normally, this process takes a couple of weeks or a month. For this reason, Host Families need to be patient and make an effort to bring their culture closer to their guest.

How to find the “perfect Au Pair”

Although hiring the perfect Au Pair is not possible, families can follow some tips to find the best possible match and have a successful stay.

  • Search Criteria: Be sure to set your search criteria. Specify the age or nationality of the Au Pair if you have a certain preference. These settings will be the key to finding the right candidates, however, we always suggest to keep an open mind and set as little restrictions as possible.
  • A great profile: A complete profile with pictures and descriptions attracts better candidates. Be sure to write about your hobbies and family routine, that way, Au Pairs can have a better idea of life with your family.
  • Active: Do no wait for Au Pairs to write but rather take the initiative.
  • Interview: Once you have a couple of candidates in mind, you can plan the video interview. This way, you can make sure that the person behind the screen is real and is being honest. We have a guide with the most important questions you need to ask.
  • Contract: Be sure to include all the rules in the contract and that they are 100% clear for your Au Pair. This document will help you avoid future misunderstandings and will make the stay much more peaceful.

These tips will help you find the best candidates. However, the most important thing is to be willing to take part in this intercultural exchange and keeping in mind that it requires a lot of patience but it also offers a lot of rewards.

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