Having a great profile is one of the keys to find a great Au Pair in no time. Although many families choose to describe more about themselves in the private messages, writting the most important details on the profile always increases the chances of success.  But what does the perfect profile need? We have the answer!

Tips for your profile:

  1. Add photos!
    Some say a picture says more than a thousand words. When talking about an Au Pair family this is true! Au Pairs will always choose a profile with family photos over those who do not show any image. This is the first impression both parts get from another so be sure to put some effort on it.

    We understand that some families do not want to show their children in the pictures. In this case, they can always cover their faces with smilies o post a fun picture with a mask or costume.

  2. Write a letter to the Au Pair
    Be sure to be kind and describe why would you like an Au Pair to join your family.
  3. Describe your daily routine
    This will help the Au Pair to imagine how the daily schedule would be and if he/she could be a part of it.
  4. Use simple language
    Remember that Au Pairs are not native speakers and might find complicated senteces hard to understand. For this reason, keeping it as simple as possible is the best way to comunicate an idea.
  5. Include de pocket money and working hours
  6. Describe your family
    Tell the Au Pairs about your hobbies and your family life. This will give Au Pairs a glimpse to your personality and lifestyle. You might have a lot in common!
  7. If you are looking for an Au Pair who speaks a certain language you might also want to write a few lines in his/her mother tongue. This way you can show your interest for his/her culture!
  8. Describe the city or town you live in
    Many Au Pairs want to travel to an exotic place, some others look for a peaceful little town. By writting a description you can attract Au Pairs willing to live where your family does!
  9. Do not leave any fields in blank!
  10. Be active
    Send messages to Au Pairs and log in to your account as often as possible. This will let users know that you are actively looking for an Au Pair.

    Be sure that the messages you write do not seem copy-pasted or standard. Try to include what you like about the Au Pair’s profile and explain why you want to host an Au Pair.


We hope that all these tips help you find your Au Pair faster!