Hosting an international guest might be a great “adventure” to take part in without even leaving your house. Although at first things will be awkward (after all we all need time to adapt), there are also some things to keep in mind to overcome this stage as soon as possible and make your guest feel welcome but not overwhelmed.

To help you become a great host, we have gathered a little list with all the things you might want to avoid if you want your guest to have a great time.

1. Learn a bit about his/her country

It is always great to arrive at a place where we are wanted. Learning a bit about your guest’s the culture, language, and country beforehand will make him/her feel that you are really interested in a cultural exchange. Besides, this can help you to get along better from the beginning!

2. Avoid judging your international guest

Remember that a cultural exchange means that you do not have the same traditions, language or habits. Avoid judging your guest. We know that sometimes certain behaviors or ways might shock you but try to keep an open mind. Remember that if there is something bothering you the solution is to talk about it in a friendly way.

3. Do not ask “aggressive” questions

Try to avoid asking personal questions or talking about controversial issues like religion or politics. Be friendly and get to know each other but always keep respect in mind.

4. Remember: Food is a great way to connect

If your guest wants to cook for you that is great! Simply relax and enjoy it! Although the flavors might be different we are sure that in most cases you will love them but if it is not the case then please avoid expressing disgust. That is simply rude.

Remember that if your guest has some dietary regulations because of his/her beliefs you need to respect them. Try to talk about this from the start to avoid any future problems.

5. Respect his/her privacy

Everybody needs some alone time and a place to relax and forget about the world for a couple of minutes. It is nice to share time with the hosts but there comes a moment in which your guest might just need a couple of minutes of tranquility and won’t dare to say it, after all, he/her wants to be polite. Avoid the awkward situation by giving them space.

We hope that our advice makes you the best host ever! Do not forget to leave your tips in our comments section!