Families looking for an Au Pair often see hundreds of profiles before choosing a few favorites. Once they make a short list of the candidates that would best fit their lifestyle, they need to organize the Video-Interview. We have put together a post with all you need to know for that day!

The first step to find an Au Pair is to create an appealing profile and start the search on platforms like AuPair.com. After exchanging a couple of messages with the best candidates it is time to plan the video-interview. Normally, families and Au Pairs organize a video call on Skype. The service is easy to use and just requires you to download the program or app and log in with a username. Afterwards, you will just have to click on the username and then on the video icon to start a video chat!

Families can also make the video call through other services like Facetime and Whatsapp. The first one requires both users to have an Apple ID. With the second one families just need to have the Au Pair on their contact list.

What to ask during the Video-interview?

Families should use the video interview as the chance to get to know their Au Pair. Some of the questions they cannot forget are:

  • Why do you want to become an Au Pair?
  • Why did you choose our country?
  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • Describe your experience in childcare (How many kids have you taken care of? How old were they?)
  • Have you ever lived in another country or traveled on your own?

In addition, it is always important to verify that the Au Pair has already checked all the information regarding being an Au Pair in the host country. If he/she does not meet all the requirements needed for the visa and other regulations, then he/she cannot become an Au Pair.

After the interview, families can decide if they have found their Au Pair and organize a second interview to arrange the details of the stay. Do not forget to make the agreement official with the Au Pair contract!