Being far from home can be as exciting as difficult while being abroad. During their stay, Au Pairs will for sure miss their family, friends and even lifestyle. In some cases, homesickness is so strong that Au Pairs might want to return home sooner than planned. But Host Families can always help their guest to deal with this issue with our tips!

  1. Talk to your Au Pair

    Sometimes a good talk can make a big difference! Make a connection with your Au Pair and talk about how he/she feels in the Host Country. Au Pairs often feel homesick because of the culture shock, for that reason, explaining some cultural differences can be of great help.

  2. Make him/her really feel like a family member

    Invite your Au Pair to family events! The family must not think of the Au Pair as an employee but rather as another family member since this is one of the main goals of the program.

  3. Be patient

    Many host families deal with lots of stress and that is why they need an Au Pair. However, if the Au Pair is going through a hard time missing his/her home they might want to take a couple of minutes and show their support. It is also important to remember that, especially during the first weeks, the Au Pair will still be adapting to the new language and culture. The Au Pair might also need the family’s support to apply for the residence permit and bureaucratic issues.

  4. Give the Au Pair time to talk to his/her family

    Having a chat with his/her family back home might help the Au Pair to overcome homesickness. Be sure that the schedule allows him/her to chat with his/her family and friends.

  5. Motivate him/her to meet new people

    Motivate your Au Pair to make new friends and meet new people in the Host Country. The language course or groups in social media platforms such as Facebook can be a good option.

If you want to welcome an Au Pair in your home all you have to do is register on and meet the requirements. Let us help you to be part of this cultural exchange program!