A Host Family is a family who chooses to welcome an Au Pair to their home. During the stay, they will get a new member who supports them and helps them with childcare and some household tasks. The hosts should share their culture and traditions with their guest and make the experience as rich as possible.

Being a Host Family has a lot of advantages, especially, for the children. They will get the chance to get in touch with a foreign culture and learn much more about it. Moreover, children will also learn to respect other cultures and broaden their horizons. Overall it’s a fun, rewarding and educational experience for both parts.

In most cases, Host family and Au Pair end up having a friendly and caring relationship which can last for a lifetime.

Requirements to be a Host Family

In general, host families consist of the parents and their children under the age of 16. They also provide free boarding and lodging at their home. Besides, they also pay a monthly salary or pocket money. It is also expected that the hosts speak the language of the host country since the Au Pair should also be able to practice at home. Participants should also have enough time to attend a language or culture course.

Families willing to host an Au Pair need to meet the following requirements:

  • Having at least one child
  • Being able to afford the program’s costs (salary, full lodge and insurance)
  • Willing to receive a new family member for up to a year
  • Having a different nationality to their Au Pair

Keep in mind that families are also expected to help their Au Pair during the visa process. Families can start searching for their Au Pair on AuPair.com. Once they have found their ideal candidate they can sign the contract and make the proper arrangements for the arrival.