Nobody wants to be sick, however, such situations happen. Sometimes, even during the Au Pair stay. Although Au Pairs are generally healthy young people, getting used to a new type of weather and nutrition might lead to some health problems. But do not worry! That is not as terrible as it seems and it certainly does not mean that the stay must come to an early end. The Au Pair will most probably be fit again in a couple of days. Let us help you on how to deal with a sick Au Pair!

Family Responsibility

As a Host Family, it is your obligation to provide accommodation and meals even during the sick days when the Au Pair cannot work. In this case, the family should also find a temporary childcare solution until the Au Pair feels better. Normally, it will only take a couple of days but this effort will be very appreciated by the Au Pair.

In case of sickness, the health insurance is really helpful. The Au Pair has the right to be checked by a doctor. We always recommend to find out all the important information about the services covered by the insurance before having an emergency. This way, it is possible to avoid paying for expensive medical fees. Do not forget that some insurance companies also cover the costs of medication.

Also, remember that there are several Au Pair insurance options that not only protect your guest in case of sickness but also include accidents and liability.

Sickness or culture shock?

In some cases, sickness can be related to the emotional struggle of living abroad. Headaches, a flue, and some stomach aches can be part of the anxiety related to the culture shock. Families should make sure that the Au Pair is feeling ok and adapting correctly to the Host Country. Check our post about the culture shock to learn more about this feeling. A good chat with the Au Pair, allowing him/her to attend the language course and meet friends are also simple but good ways to help.

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